California Native Berry Specials

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2 x Osoberry, 2 x CA elderberry, 2 x Oregon Grape

Osoberry is cherished because it is among the first plants to leaf out at the end of winter and show trumpet like white flowers early in the spring. Indigenous people all along the Pacific coast utilize Osoberry fruit, twigs, and bark as food sources, tea and medicine. Plus its valuable for restoration because it will thrive in deep shade, provide excellent bird habitat, and will grow on north facing slopes.

Elderberry is a delicious shrub with creamy yellow flowers in the spring and purple berries in the Fall. It important to process, cook or dry the berries before using them (because they are other wise toxic) but they are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants which work to keep the immune system strong and resilient. Hardy down to Zone 4

The Oregon Grape is an evergreen shrub with spiny leaves that resist wilting. Dense clusters of yellow flower in early spring and dark bluish-black berries can be used to make jam. It's golden yellow roots are processed either as a tea or tincture as medicine for liver function and cleansing the blood. Hardy down to Zone 4