Where We Grow

Where We Grow

Out network of land-based social enterprises

Holistic Re-Entry, Education

Aquaponics Farm

Urban food production and business incubator launching in El Sobrante in 2024

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Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Sacramento Nursery

Urban agriculture and education site to expand our workforce development programs launching...

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Holistic Re-Entry, Food Distribution

Sobrante Park Nursery

Land-based economic justice in action led by and for local residents in...

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Living Wage Jobs, Sustainable Urban Agriculture, Food Distribution

The Good Table Cafe & Nursery

Pay-what-you-can cafe, community center, and local food business service provider launching as...

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Education, Food Distribution

The Mother Farm

A 4-acre food forest farm that demonstrates perennial no-till agriculture in El...

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Living Wage Jobs

Transform Your Yard

Ecological design and build service that created 650 gardens in the East...

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    • Planting Justice gave me a better look at a better life. So I’m able to share that with kids in high schools, juvenile halls, prisons, and county jails and I’m able to help kids turn their life around by being a mentor, a friend, a big brother, a dad.

      1. Gordon Limbrick Leadership Council & Nursery Shipping Team