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We are working toward economic and environmental justice by building a network of sustainable land–based social enterprises. We counter systemic oppression, violence, and inequity by creating good jobs with nature-based work, a healing environment with holistic community support, and real opportunities for personal growth.

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Our Core Values

Food Sovereignty
Food Sovereignty

10,000 lbs of food each year
Distributed to low access places

Economic Justice
Economic Justice

85 full-time jobs
For formerly incarcerated people

Community Healing
Community Healing

2% recidivism rate
Compared to California’s 60%

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Staff Testimonials
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Video: Oakland Permaculture Heals The Hood!
    • Planting Justice being here in the community educates about what organic is, how to grow your own food, take care of it, harvest it, and actually pay attention to what’s going on in your dinner plate. It’s very important because a lot of our youth rely on hot Cheetos and soda as a breakfast.

      1. Sal Mateo Escobar Co-Director & Leadership Council
        Planting Justice since 2010