We provide internships, social justice and nutrition education, and school gardens at OUSD

Empowerment through Practice

The work of the Education program takes place at high schools and at our 2-acre Nursery site in the Sobrante Park neighborhood of East Oakland. Our students transform underused community spaces into edible gardens at each of these sites, to provide fresh and nutritionally dense food while developing their literacy in social justice movements, ecology, and holistic wellness.  We hire staff directly from the communities where we work, and they develop important mentorship opportunities with our students through consistent weekly programming. Salvador Mateo began his PJ journey during his senior year at Fremont High School in 2010, and is now the organization’s Co-Director and President of the Board of Directors! Planting Justice Educators and community allies have developed the Plant! Cook! Organize! curriculum.

Integration through Service

The Education Program activates people most directly impacted by poverty and food injustice to create a more local and sustainable food system by developing their skills in ecological design, nutrition education, and multimedia arts that ground and connect urban gardens with local and international struggles and movements for social justice.

The Impact
Youth participants each year
Paid internships each year
School partnerships
    • Planting Justice opened doors for me I never thought possible. In this environment, you’re not a number, you’re a person. You get encouraged to be in leadership positions, to introduce new things to the program. You have a lot of room to grow.

      1. Sol Mercado, Re-entry Coordinator
        Planting Justice since 2010