Montufar Rocoto Perennial Pepper

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Capsicum pubescens

We sourced our mother seeds for our mother plants from Smallislandseedco Juicy, spicy quite prolific and semi-compact, this rocoto plant produce a lot of red oblong hot peppers on a perennial pepper. The plant is smaller than the red rocoto both in size of the pepper and size of the plant, the plant has a smaller foot print with larger harvests.

Are you ready for this amazing black seeded hot pepper from South America. This hardy pepper, also known a tree chili has purple flowers, fury green leaves, spicy red fruits the size of an apple and black seeds. Though the pepper cant withstand a frost, it can handle very cool climates and therefore will grow year after year in USDA Zone 9-11 (some say 8 but would need micro-climate or protection). Amazing addition to your food forest, this pepper has huge foot print and after 2 years it can turn into a huge sprawling bush. Peppers mature in winter usually and in warmer climates in fall.

Pot Size: 4 inch pot

Plant Size: 4-6in+

Certified Organic

USDA Hardiness 9-11 (8-11 if protected)