Chilacayote (perennial squash)

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Cucurbita ficifolia
The Chilacayote is a perennial squash relative known as Fig-leaf gourd, Malabar gourd, and seven year melon is an amazing squash from central America. It will take over a fence or the side of your house. Fruits are oblong in shape and can grow up to 10-15 pounds with plant able to produce upto 50 fruits. The fruits are noteworthy for their long storage life. When used immature the fruits taste much like a zucchini. The ripe fruit is prized for its black seeds, which can be roasted and also its flesh is used to make oatmeal like sweet beverages, vegetarian shark fin soup, and candied. This squash is not frost hardy, but will produce for many years in frost free environments (Definitely 9b-11+ for perennial, maybe 9a)

USDA Organic

Pot Size: 4 inch

Plant size: about 3-4inch across, 2+ inches tall

USDA Hardiness: Perennial 9b + (grow as annual 8b and under)