Magness Pear

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The Magness pear is a soft, juicy dessert pear almost free of grit cells. Introduced by the USDA in the 1960's, it was named in honor of Dr. John R. Magness, long-time director of the USDA's apple and pear breeding program. Its parents are Comice pear and Seckel pear, not a bad pairing. The Magness pear tree produces medium to large slightly russeted fruit, buttery, rich flesh with honeyed juice, ruddy yellow when ripe, with a highly perfumed flesh of the very best quality. Insect damage seems to be reduced in this variety due to thicker fruit skin. Magness pear is very disease resistant, especially fire blight. The Magness pear tree has an additional bonus trait, ripens to perfection while hanging on the tree. Sterile pollen so needs a pollinizer.