Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship

Supports aligned organizations

Legacy Projects

Over the years, PJ has fiscally sponsored 6 local BIPOC and women-led organizations, from food justice organizations to youth climate groups, transformative arts organizations, and healthy and medicinal food distributors. Planting Justice is not currently accepting new organizations to fiscally sponsor.

Incubating Local Leadership

PJ is helping incubate the Black Sobrante Park Community Healing Council so residents who have called Sobrante Park home for generations can access funding for mutual aid projects and acquire land and homes to help local residents build assets and stay in their community. This group of community leaders are on the ground connecting needs with support and mentoring youth, including at the PJ nursery and aquaponics farm. Our long-term goal is to return land to the community through this organization as part of our effort to counteract displacement of black residents in Sobrante Park by building wealth and land security in the community.

The Impact
BI-POC-led organizations supported
Women-led organizations supported
Donations transferred to partners
    • Planting Justice opened doors for me I never thought possible. In this environment, you’re not a number, you’re a person. You get encouraged to be in leadership positions, to introduce new things to the program. You have a lot of room to grow.

      1. Sol Mercado, Re-entry Coordinator
        Planting Justice since 2010