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Shop 1300+ varieties from our USDA certified organic nursery. Planting Justice is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization benefiting local California communities and formerly incarcerated citizens.

Cornelian Cherries

Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mas)

Native to regions of Eastern Europe and Western Asia Cornelian Cherry has been used as a food plant for at least 7,000 years and was a popular addition to the diet in ancient Greece. Though a member of the dogwood family its fruit is more like a pie cherry and is used to make excellent jams, jellies, syrups, pies and jam. Also are popular eaten fresh and are made into juice drinks in their native land. A beautiful ornamental tree it has striking bright yellow bloosoms in early spring that are an important early nectar source for bees and beneficial insects. Lustrous green foliage turns colorful burgandy colors in the fall. A hardy easy to grow bushy tree that grows 10 to 15+ feet tall, but can also be maintained as a hedge. Hardy zones 4-8.

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