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Shop 1300+ varieties from our USDA certified organic nursery. Planting Justice is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization benefiting local California communities and formerly incarcerated citizens.

Fruiting Vines

“Besides the benefits of food, shade, wood, and clean air, planting trees is an
affirmation of the future, a gift to our children and those to come.”

– Marc and Corrina
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Alden Grape

Alden Grape aka New York 13035 (Vitus lubrusca hybrid) is a very high quality, large, seeded, oval, reddish-black grapes are tender, meaty, juicy and sweet, with a distinctive Muscat flavor....

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Bath Grape

Blue-black medium size tender grapes are sweet, juicy and have a mild labrusca flavor. Very productive and vigorous vines need to be pruned carefully to avoid overbearing. Ripens mid-season, one...

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Buffalo Grape

Reddish-black medium size seeded slipskin fruits have translucent flesh with a sweet and pleasant spicy flavor. Excellent for fresh eating or juice. An American variety, it is vigorous, productive and...

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Catawba Grape

High quality purplish-red seeded grapes are juicy, sweet and rich with a sprightly, somewhat foxy flavor. Late ripening and an excellent keeper, they can be store until spring. Vigorous, hardy...

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Iona Grape (Organic)

The Iona grape is an interspecific cross between wild vines of the species Vitis labrusca x Vitis vinifera. It is an open-pollinated seedling of the variety Diana, which is an open-pollinated seedling of the variety Catawba. In 1855, In New...

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Malbec Grape

An ancient French variety that is disease resistant and mid-early ripening. Purple grapes produce a very dark, intense red wine that is commonly used for spicing up Cabernet Sauvignon and...

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Moored Grape

Large, dark-red skinned, seeded American variety is vigorous, productive, and heat and disease resistant. Sweet, firm and flavorful high quality fruit is excellent for fresh eating, raisins and juice. Ripens...

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Price Grape

Very early ripening variety is an excellent choice for the cooler parts of the Pacific Northwest. An American seeded type, it’s blue-black fruits are sweet with a pure flavor, lacking...

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Ruby Grape

Huge clusters of seedless medium-large dark red fruits are sweet and of high dessert quality. Also makes good raisins.” Vigorous vines are very productive and ripen late mid-season.” European, zones...

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Venus Grape

Outstanding heavy producing, early large dark blue seedless grape has crisp sprightly sweet flavor. One of the earliest, ripens with Himrod. Excellent vigorous landscape plant has beautiful fall color. American....

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Viognier Grape

Viognier Grape aka Bergeron, Barbin, Rebolot, Greffou, Picotin Blanc, Vionnier, Petiti Vionnier, Viogne, Galopine, Vugava bijela (Vitis vinifera) is a Rhone variety that produces small clusters of yellow and amber...

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Alwood Grape

A dark blue-black grape similar to Concord, only ripening 3 weeks earlier and having larger berries. Strong, sweet labrusca aroma and flavor can be smelled from a distance when ripe....

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Caco Grape

This American variety has large clusters of medium-large, light red, seeded round grapes that are tender and juicy with a rich, vinous sweet flavor. Very productive, hardy vine is moderately...

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Champanel Grape

Unique, pleasant flavor. Small to medium seedless, purple grape with strong flavor hinting at blueberry. Highly productive vines. Dries well for raisins. Attractive fall color with lots of reds, oranges...

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