American Chestnut Seedling

Castenea dentata

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American Chestnut (Castenea dentata) The largest and most noble of all the chestnut species, American Chestnut was originally native from Maine to Mississippi and from the Atlantic coast through the Appalachian Mountains and Ohio Valley. Though the nuts are smaller than many chestnut species, they are considered one of the best flavored. Once the dominant hardwood in many eastern North American forests, it was decimated by the Chestnut Blight fungus which was introduced to the continent at the beginning of the 1900's. Still grown successfully in the western US where the chestnut blight has not been a problem. Fast growing beautiful hardwood tree is very productive and the timber has been long valued for its beauty and durability. We acquired our American Chestnut seeds from an isolated stand of pure Castenea dentata in the Pacific North West. Hardy zones 4-8. Growing in a 4x4x10" tree band. Seedlings