Anders Apple

Malus Domestica

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The Anders apple was discovered in California as a chance seedling. Since then it has become a popular variety in supermarkets and amongst backyard gardeners due to the great flavor and versatility of it's fruit. Anders apples are ideal for warmer climates (zones 7+) , needing less than 500 chill hours. The apples are medium in size with yellow-green skin covered in vibrant red stripes. The flesh is white and crunchy. Flavor is likened to Granny Smith when picked early and to Fuji once fully ripened. Great for fresh eating, baking, drying, and more plus they can hold for 3+ months. These trees are self-fertile but will produce more when planted within range of a compatible pollen source and ripens August-November. We've heard this variety is resistant to Codling Moth but have not put this to the test ourselves.