Antonovka Apple Seedlings

Malus pumila

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Antonovka Apple seedlings are a winter producing group of apple trees originally from Russia. Antonovka fruit trees are often used as a rootstock to add cold hardiness to other apple types that can be grafted in. The Antonovka apple tree is to Eastern Europe what Cox Orange Pippin is to England the most sought after apple in the region. When fully ripe it is great for fresh eating. Baking with Antonovka apples are superior since it retains high acidity. This high acidity (tart) compliments the intense sweetness. When not fully ripe it can be sour, it has to be yellow, not green for fresh eating. The Antonovka apple is also a very attractive fruit as it hangs delicately from the tree reminiscent of luminescent yellow lanterns. This also happens to grow true from seed, which means a planted seed from an Antonovka apple will produce a tree of that same variety.