Babington's Top Setting Perennial Leek

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Allium ampeloprasum babingtonii

Plant this hardy, topsetting Leek and enjoy its tasty, nutritious young greens all winter and sweet, mature shoots in the spring. Cold Hardy to USDA Zone 5-10, with mulching. This plant is similar to the walking or tree onion in that it forms bulblets on the flowering stalk, which can be replanted the following year. This leek also forms an underground bulb much like the Delft Perpetual/Hardy Leek from which many new leeks emerge from the follow year allowing this perennial leek to be dug up and spread throughout the food forest very easily and you ll have leeks for dayzzzzzz.

USDA Certified Organic

Pot Size: 4inch pot (1-2 leeks per 4 inch pot)

Plant Size: 4-6 inches+

USDA Hardiness: 5-10 (with mulch)