Baco Noir Grape

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Baco Noir Grape aka Baco 1, Baco N°1, Baco #1, Bacoi, Bago, Bakon, Bako Speiskii (Vitis hybrid) is a French hybrid red wine grape is a cross of V. vinifera and V. riparia and makes and is resistant to powdery mildew, downy mildew, black rot, phylloxera and is unnatractive to Japanese beetles, making it one of the better varieties to grow in the eastern US. Early ripening, it is a recommended variety for cooler viticulture areas such as Oregon, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Vigorous vines are productive of small jet black that make a rich, heavy, deep red flavorful wine. Best with a long aging. Due to its strong vigor and disease resistance it is good for arbor plantings. Originated in France by Francois Baco. Hardy to zone 6.