DeSoto Blueberry

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DeSoto Blueberry (Vaccinium sp.) is a southern variety that recalls the name of the Spanish explorer and conquistador Hernando deSoto, who died in 1542 in Desha County in Southwest Arkansas. DeSoto was all over the South, and this variety should be planted wherever he went. DeSoto—the blueberry—is the latest ripening (think South) of all the blueberry cultivars. The berries are an attractive powdery blue, sweet like all things southern, and exude the aroma of wild huckleberries. It should be married to the ONSLOW for best pollination. Zones 6-9
Late flowering Rabbiteye cultivar. Plant one or more of these cultivars to obtain the optimum fruit set; Powderblue, Onslow, Columbus, Tifblue.
The plants are vigorous and will grow to a manageable height of 6 feet tall and mostly upright.
The fruits ripen very late in the season occurring 10-14 days after Powderblue.
Yields are high and consistent in test plantings averaging 12 and more pounds per plant.
Fruit size is medium to large and have excellent firmness. The flavor is sweet with a hint of the typical blueberry acidity. The berries light blue color and sizes are eye appealing in the fresh markets.
Harvesting can be accomplished by mechanical methods because of the berry firmness.
Marketing would be geared to fresh markets and local markets or U-Picks who desire local fresh fruits for a longer period.
The fruits are latest in ripening compared to all Rabbiteye cultivars.