Einshemer Apple

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The history of the Einshemer apple was first discovered in the 1950s. There is a type of settlement in Israel known as a Kibbutz. These settlements are agrarian in nature and built around communal farming. A member of a particular settlement that was called the Einshemer Kibbutz was the first person to cultivate this apple cultivar. Their name was Abba Stein. The Einshemer Apple tree produces a pale yellow, medium-sized apple. The apple's sweet, semi-acidic taste is perfect for eating right off the tree or for making into applesauce. The apples ripen in June and July and can be kept for two weeks when refrigerated. The Einshemer Apple Tree is perfect for Gulf Coast planting, and pollinates well with Anna & Dorsett Gold Apples. It requires 350 chill hours. For planting, these apple trees prefer full sun and slightly acidic soil.