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Florida Finley Potato/Bunching Onion

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Allium cepa aggregatum var "Florida Finley"

This description is from Codey Cove Farm "Florida Finley Onion is an heirloom dividing onion from Polk County, Fl. It is a short statured onion that rapidly divides into clusters which can be turned into many plants. This is likely a cultivar of Allium cepa aggregatum. These onions are “perennial” in the sense that a gardener can maintain them indefinitely without buying new plants or starting seed. They are annual in the sense that the onions go dormant in May, at which point they are dug up to be stored indoors until Fall. This is a very unique, locally adapted green onion substitute that has a fun history connecting the present back to the Florida gardeners of decades ago. For Florida gardeners seeking a no-fuss source of green onions that can supply them forever, this is a great option." More info from their blog here https://codycovefarm.com/introducing-the-florida-finley-onion/

See their amazing website here and you can also order bulbs of this onion when in stock, we only sell the potted 4inch plants. https://codycovefarm.com/product/florida-finley-onion/

USDA Certified Organic

Pot Size: 4in pot

Plant Size: single plant 6 inch+

USDA Hardiness: onion but can handle hot and humid conditions

*Note: Goes dormant in some harsh winter climates or will die back and resprout in hot weather for a short period. Frost hardiness of the greens tops is unknown at the moment

About the Potato Onion In General

The potato onion (Allium cepa var. aggregatum) is a member of the onion family. It reproduces by division of bulbs, rather than by seed (though it does produce seed some years). They are also known as nesting onions or multiplier onions. Potato onions are closely related to shallots, but are larger and store and use more like an onion. One onion can be planted and it will produce 3-8 onions after one growing season in a big clump, hence the name "potato" or "multiplier" onion. This variety in unnamed but produces a nice medium sized onion. It comes in a 4x6 pot and the plant is quite established and ready to go into the ground.

We received these mother bulbs from Kelly Winterton in Utah and have been growing them out and potting them up. This is a great perennial type storage onion, you can harvest a majority of the bulbs and then mulch and the remaining ones will resprout the following season and give you another crop of small to medium sized storage onions. A lot of the varieties have been lost over time, but new breeding and a resurgence of interest driven by Kelly and many others has breathed new life into this crop.