Giant Garlic Chive "Han Chung"

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(Allium tuberosum "Han Chung))

We got these from our visit to the amazing "Johannes Garden" outside of Tacoma, Wa.  You can check out their pics and description and website hereHan Chung' is a Chinese strain of garlic chives chosen for high yields of large leaves as well as being  cold tolerant.  These are divisions of seeds grown out for the largest selections.

About Garlic chives in general...Aka known as Chinese chives. Garlic chives can be used the way you use regular chives. They are distinguishable from chives by their flat, broader leaves and they nice fragrant white flowers. Garlic chives have a very garlicky taste and are a great perennial herb for your food forest. Use in place of garlic or in place or green onions when cooking. Can be grown by seed or by dividing the plant after 1st year in the ground.

USDA Organic

Pot Size: 4inch

Plant size in pot: 3-8 inches depending on time of the year

USDA Hardiness 3-10