Gigant Sunchoke

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Sunchokes, also called Jerusalem Artichokes, are actually a relative of sunflower cultivated for their tubers. Sunchokes are a native root group from the Midwest with a high inulin content, they were/are a traditional remedy for diabetes. The tubers resemble ginger size, but are usually cooked like a potatoes (mashed, fried, roasted, etc). Watch out they give you GAS if you eat too much :)

Gigant is a thick, strong-stemmed plants bearing large pine cone shaped tubers up to 3 times the size of other varieties.  It is said to have a more nutty flavor .  These tubers are a chef favorite because they are easy to clean. They come back year after year and are extremely hardy and grow upto 10ft ending their season with beautiful mini-sunflowers before the tubers are ready,

USDA Organic

Pot Size: 4inch pot

Plant size: Nov- April (dormant root) April-Oct (4-10inches tall)

USDA Hardiness 3-10