Hosui Pear

Pyrus pyrifolia

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Hosui pears are medium to large fruits, averaging seven centimeters in diameter, and have a round to ovate shape attached to thick, fibrous brown stems. The skin ripens from green when young to gold-bronze with maturity and is firm, chewy, and russeted with prominent pale lenticels. Underneath the surface, the flesh is dense, crisp, fine-grained, and ivory to off-white, encasing a small central core filled with black-brown seeds. Hosui pears are slightly more acidic than other Asian pear varieties, developing a complex, sweet and tangy flavor with a brandy-like undertone. Best for fresh-eating but also makes great pies! Introduced from Japan in the 1970s. Heat-tolerant. Ripens in late August. Self-pollinating, but will yield larger crops when pollinated with another variety like New Century.

Beautiful russet brown orange skin with very sweet rich flavor. One of our favorites! Ripens Mid-early season. Needs 300-400 chill hours and hardy in zones 4-10. Pollenized by Shinko, Chojuro bartlett or 20th century.