Lemon Gold White Sapote

Casimiroa Edulis

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Casimiroa edulis "Lemon Gold"

A grafted white sapote- Scion wood collected by Tom of El Cerrito, Ca.  Description from www.growables.org "Origin Escondido, Calif., Martin Reinecke, 1958. A less vigorous tree, moderate crops, usually in November. Keeps well when ripe, can be picked immature and ripens well off the tree. Uniform, pleasing appearance; flesh quite yellow. Flavor excellent, occasional hints of lemon." The flavor of white sapote is generally a tropical pudding/pie filling combination of peach, pear, lemon, banana, caramel and vanilla. WOW!

White sapote is a heavy producer of delicious sweet fruits that taste similar to a custard or pie filling crossed with a soft pear. Cold and frost hardy. This tree is a distant citrus relative and is an amazing addition to any food forest to add some tropical flavors. Can grow anywhere from 15-60 ft depending on the variety. This is a seedling and will fruit in 7 to 8 years or can be potted up and will be ready as a rootstock to graft onto in 1-3 months. Self pollinating but 2 or more nearby trees increases fruit production as it pollinated mostly by insects.


USDA Organic

Pot Size: Tree band 4x14inch

Plant Size:1.5ft+ 

USDA Hardiness: 9-11+ (depending on variety and placement in the garden setting)