Lemon Verbena

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Strong and delightfully fragrant lemon scented leaves are used in cooking, baking and healthful herbal teas and has been shown to have strong anti- oxidant and anti- candida effects on the body. A perennial evergreen to deciduous bush it can grow 6 or more feet tall, but also is grown in a pot and kept small by pinching and harvesting new growth. An attractive bush it has long flavorful light green leaves and clusters of pink-white flowers through the summer. Native of Argentina and Chile it was introduced to England in the 1700's where it was widely popular. Hardy to zones 8-10 it is commonly grown in the southeast and on the west coast all the way north to Seattle. Said to take freezing temperatures down to 14 to 22 degrees, however it's best in colder climates to plant on a south wall or in containers that can be brought inside during freezing weather.

If you purchase it from our nursery between fall and spring, it could have brown leaves or be bare, depending on whether, but its leaves will regrow when the weather warms.