Mashua "ahahawat"

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Mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum) var Ahahwat

This great Andean vegetable (Mashua), aka tuberous nasturtium, añu, or cubio is a root crop that from the Andes mountains of South America. This beautiful vining plant resembles Nasturtium is often treasured as an ornamental producing upto 5 lbs of peppery edible tubers. The leaves are also edible! Can grow in partial shade and does better in cooler weather under 80* F, but you just get a lower yield at higher temps.

We sourced our original mother tubers from the amazing breeders at Cultivariable. You can buy tubers from them at

From Cultivariable: "Ahahawat tubers are large, frequently reaching a foot in length. At full maturity, they are light yellow with purple eyes. Harvested before full maturity, they are white, with just a little bit of yellow at the tip. Color is retained in dry cooking, but will eventually be lost in wet cooking. Flavor varies, even within a single tuber, with the tail end typically being sweeter and milder, but overall is excellent, slightly sweet and cabbagey with no bitterness or flowery aftertaste..."

USDA Organic

Pot Size: 4in

Plant Size: huge tuber in pot (Nov-March), Vine April- Nov (3inch- 9 inch+)

USDA Hardiness: 8-12 (though 9 is the ideal)