Michigan Tree Collard (cold tolerant) Seedlings

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This tree collard was bred by Ken Asmus of Oikos Tree Crops in Michigan and is the most cold tolerant strain of tree collard known. After years of working with tree collards grown from seed, Ken was able to ID tree collards grown from seed that could survive -15 degrees F 2x and -20 degrees F 1x, generally surviving 0 degrees and stump sprouting from the base in spring in Michigan (Click here to see how he did it) Generally assumed to keep going in 0 degrees and hardy to USDA Zone 5-6. We sourced seeds for this from *Project Tree Collard* and so these seedlings will not be 100% true to type with some variation in cold tolerance and leaf. Michigan Tree Collard is a vigorous silvery colored tree collard. Check back with *Project Tree Collard* to source clone cuttings in 2022 for the most cold tolerant plants. We were also gifted some cuttings from Ken and will be offering cloned plants in 2022.