Nonpariel Almond

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Nonpariel Almond aka Non Pariel (Prunus dulcis) is the most commercially grown variety, against which all others are compared. Large nuts with thin shells that are and reveal a broad, flat kernel. Adapted to most localities, this mid-season bloomer bears heavy and requires a pollinizer. Best pollination comes from Ne Plus, Texas (Mission), and All in One.

Ripens in September. Requires 400 hours annual chilling below 45°F.

Cold hardy to USDA Zone 8

  • Nut Category
  • Estimated Chilling Requirement
    400 hours below 45°F
  • Bloom Timing
    mid February to early March
  • Harvest Timing
    late August
  • Approximate Harvest Dates
    August 28 to September 13
    (approximate for Fresno, CA area)

    Almond Maturity Chart

  • Shell
    paper shell, poorly sealed
  • Kernel Size & Shape
    medium size, flat, light color, sweet flavor, blanches well
  • Pollination
    pollenizer required: Aldrich, Carmel, Folsom, Fritz, Monterey or other
  • Tree Characteristics
    upright growth, then spreading to a large tree
  • Comments

    The most widely planted almond variety in California due to the quality of the nut; it sets the industry quality standard and commands top position in the market. Regular to heavy bearer, knocks well, easy to harvest, high crackout.

    Additional Notes

    Poorly sealed shell: kernel susceptible to insect damage.

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