Pepino Dulce "Rio Bamba"

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Solanum muricatum var Rio Bamba

Pepino Dulce is a somewhat hardy tomato relative. The name pepino dulce means sweet cucumber in english and the flavor of the fruit is somewhat like a sweet melon when ripe. The plant is prized for its medium sized fruit and sprawling nature to be used as edible ground cover in a food forest. Pepino Dulce is easy to root by cuttings and orginates from the Andes and so it can handle cooler temperatures and is hardy down to 28 degrees. 9-11 is a safer bet as a freeze can knock it back and/or kill it.

From Kartuz Greenhouse (image as well): 'Rio Bamba' is a scandent, purple stemmed selection named for the area of Ecuador from which it was collected. 3 inch dark green leaves, free flowering. Cross pollination suggested for maximum fruit production.

USDA Certified Organic

Pot Size: 4 Inch

Plant Size: 6 in

USDA Hardiness- 9b- 11 (colder with some protection or in food forest setting