Phoenix Tears Orange Goji

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Lycium barbarum var Phoenix Tears

The Phoenix Tears Goji Berry is native to parts of Asia. The deep orange-colored fruits are high in nutrients, with carotene levels higher than found in carrots. The jellybean-shaped fruits ripen over a long period in mid-summer, with up to four weeks of harvest. Ripened fruits of Phoenix Tears adhere to plant stems for long periods of time. Fruit has sweet flavor with slight acidity.

Phoenix Tears were found in a ranch in Utah near by where the transcontinental railroad crossed Utah. It was discovered near a camp where Chinese Railroad worker camps were located 160 years prior and its thought to have been cultivated by these workers and then naturalized in this climate. Said to be somewhat thornless with a slight nice acidity. More history at

USDA Certified Organic

Pot Size: 4x6 tree band

Plant Size- 9 inches

USDA Hardiness 5+

Self Fertile