Rebel Blueberry

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Rebel Blueberry (Vaccinium sp.) is an early season southern highbush blueberry released in 2006. Plants of Rebel are very vigorous and precocious with a slightly spreading growth habit. The variety
produces abundant fruiting wood annually and leves well following the mild winters of
south Georgia. Rebel is productive in yield, exceeding yields of the varieties Star and
O’Neal in original trials in south Georgia. Berries of Rebel ripen 5 to 8 days ahead Star,
while Rebel flowering dates only average about 3 to 5 days earlier than Star. Rebel fruit
are large, reaching 2.5 g/berry or more under good management, which includes good
fertility practices and annual pruning. Other important fruit characteristics, including
stem scar, color, and firmness are good to excellent for Rebel. Rebel flavor can be bland
if ripe berries hang too long on the plant. Growers desiring an early ripening southern
highbush should consider Rebel in areas where southern highbush are successfully
grown. The estimated chill requirement is 400-450 hours < 45 F (7 C). Recommended
companion variety for cross pollination is Suziblue. USPP 18,138.