Red Dutch Dwarf Sunchoke

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Sunchokes, also called Jerusalem Artichokes, are actually a relative of sunflower cultivated for their tubers. Sunchokes are a native root group from the Midwest with a high inulin content, they were/are a traditional remedy for diabetes. The tubers resemble ginger size, but are usually cooked like a potatoes (mashed, fried, roasted, etc). Watch out they give you GAS if you eat too much :)

Red Dwarf or Dutch Red Dwarf is an extremely dwarf, non invasive variety.  The get no taller than 1.5 ft and the sunchokes are very close to the base so its easy to harvest them all with no surprises.  Great variety to grow in a pot.  We love them because this variety is not knobby so its easy to clean and peel (though not necessary)They come back year after year and are extremely hardy ending their season with beautiful mini-sunflowers before the tubers are ready,

USDA Organic

Pot Size: 4inch pot

Plant size: Nov- April (dormant root) April-Oct (4-10inches tall)

USDA Hardiness 3-10