Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina)

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Lush, interesting and attractive large shrub or small tree is native to eastern Canada and United States. Produces big clusters of red fruit that hang on through most of the winter and can be soaked in water and made into a delicious pink lemonade. Roots and inner bark are used for dying and the punky braches are used by beekeepers for making smoke to work their bees with. Great as a landscape plant with it's showy summer foliage, brilliant red fall color, and unique velvety branches that are said to resemble the young antlers on a deer, hence where it's name came from. makes a good farm hedgerow plant, or can be spotted or clustered in an edible home landscape. Very tolerant of poor soils and drought, it is an easy to grow plant in most well drained soils. Hardy zones 3-9.