Sweet Bay (Laurus nobilis)

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Sweet Bay (Laurus nobilis) also known as Bay Laurel (not to be confused with CA Bay Laurel Umbellularia californica) this beautiful evergreen tree or large bush is native to the Mediterranean region. The large, fragrant, glossy leaves are a favorite seasoning in many cuisines including Italian pasta and tomato sauce dishes. Drought tolerant, dense bushy trees are widely used as a landscaping plant in Mediterranean climates around the world and in prime conditions can reach 60 feet in height, though can be kept much smaller. Can be used as a screen or as a specimen and is sometimes pruned into topiary forms. Has many herbal remedy uses and is made into lotions to ease rheumatism and arthritis. Deeply rooted in the mythology of Greek, Roman, Christian and Chinese traditions, the Laurel persists today in many sayings and titles. So don't get caught resting on your Laurels, plant this long lived tree today! Hardy zones 8-11. Our Sweet Bay is grown in 4x6" pots.