Ramsey Pineapple Guava (conventional)


Feijoa (Acca) sellowiana is known as pineapple guava. It is an attractive small, multi-branched shrub or small tree with beautiful gray green, evergreen foliage with white undersides. Its showy, tropical-looking flowers are white with red accents with edible petals that taste like cotton candy. The delicious fruits that follow taste like mint and pineapple. It is easily trained as an espalier, hedge or small specimen tree. ‘Ramsey’ ripens in the mid season with very large, sweet, flavourful fruit. Shrubs have a more upright growth habit. Partially self-fertile but will produce more fruit when pollinated by another variety. Ramsey is also known for it’s large, sweet and flavorful fruit.

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Ramsey Pineapple Guava (conventional)

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 12 in
Hardiness by USDA Zone


Soil and Site

Full sun to part shade


Partially self-fertile

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