Reinette Gris de Canada Apple (Organic)


Reinette Grise de Canada is a popular French russet apple. Like Reinette de Canada, Reinette Grise de Canada is a mainstay of French apple cookery.  Its spicy flavour and consistency when cooked also make it ideal for apple strudel. Reinette Grise de Canada apples are a medium to large varietal, averaging 7 to 9 centimeters in diameter, and have a round to ovate shape with a slightly lopsided, ribbed appearance and a flattened base. The apple’s skin has a green hue, but the surface is almost completely covered in a golden-brown russet, giving the skin a sandy, rough texture. Underneath the surface, the white to pale yellow flesh is tinged with green and is coarse, firm, and crisp. As the fruits are kept in extended storage, the flesh softens and develops a crumbly, semi-dry consistency. When freshly harvested, Reinette Grise de Canada apples have a sweet-tart, sharp, green apple flavor, mellowing in storage to a sweeter, subtly tart taste.

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Reinette Gris de Canada Apple (Organic)

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 12 in
Botanical Name

Malus Domestica

Hardiness by USDA Zone

hardy to -30 and below


Needs a pollinator

Pot Size

Size At Maturity

Soil and Site

Full sun


Grafted on M111 rootstock

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