Spy Gold Apple (Organic)


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Spy Gold Apple (Organic)

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 12 in
Botanical Name

Malus Spp.

Hardiness by USDA Zone


Pot Size

Soil and Site

Full sun


Grafted on M111 rootstock


Needs a pollinator.

Chill Hours


Size At Maturity

Large in size, this apple was developed as a cross between a Northern Spy and a Golden Delicious apple. Similar in size to a Northern Spy, which is slightly larger than a Golden Delicious, the Spy Gold matures into a predominatly red coloring with a gold background. Beneath the outer skin is a yellowish-white flesh that is firm and crisp in texture. The Spy Gold provides the sweet tasting flavor of a Golden Delicious and the juicy consistency of a Northern Spy. It is a good apple for pies, baking and snacking. This apple may also be referred to as a Spigold, or Spi Gold. Spy Gold is a triploid variety, so will not pollinate other apples. However its triploid nature helps make it reasonably disease-resistant. In The Illustrated History of Apples, Bussey notes that a bushel of Spigold will weigh about ten pounds more than an average bushel of apples (55 pounds to the average 44 pounds).  The apples will hold to the tree after ripening and store well for about two months.

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