Red Bartlett Pear (Organic)


Beautiful red skinned sport of Bartlett found near Zillah, Washington in 1938. Slightly sweeter and finer textured than regular Bartlett, they are excellent for fresh eating, canning and drying. Ripens along with Bartlett in mid-late August. Regular heavy producer.  Hardiness zones 5-9.  Requires approximately 700 chill hours. Certified organic.

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Red Bartlett Pear (Organic)

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 12 in
Latin Name

Pyrus communis

Chill Hours



partially self-fertile and does not need a pollination partner, but fruiting is likely to be better if there is a compatible partner of a different variety nearby


Anjou, Bosc, Comice, and more

Pot Size


Grafted on OHxF97 rootstock

Soil and Site

Full sun to part shade

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