Utah Sweet Pomegranate (Organic)


The Utah Sweet pomegranate is a neat, rounded shrub or small tree that grows to be 20-30 ft. This pomegranate produces pink-orange flowers that have 5 to 8 crumpled petals that are red, fleshy and tubular which persists on the fruit. The pomegranate is self-pollinated as well as cross-pollinated by insects which increases the fruit set. The Utah Sweet Pomegranate fruit is very sweet with pink pulp and skin. Tough and easy to grow in full sun. Grows well in any well drained soil, deep infrequent water once established. Prune, clean and shape in winter. Fertilize in February, May and September.

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Utah Sweet Pomegranate (Organic)

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 12 in
Latin Name

Punica granatum

Pot Size

Soil and Site

Full sun to part shade


but if there is a pomegranate of a different variety nearby it can increase fruit set by up to 20%, self-fertile and does not require a pollination partner


Hardwood Cuttings

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