Big Blue Tree Collard Seedling


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Big Blue Tree Collard Seedling

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

We sourced these seeds from  Project Tree Collard.  They are not true to seed so will be a variation of the Big Blue Tree Collard variety, since they flowered in proximity to other perennial kales/collards.  This perennial collard has parentage from Merritt Tree Collard, Dino Tree Collard, and possibly Purple Tree Collard.  Grows more like a stout Merritt Perennial Collard, but can reach over 6 ft.  Leaves are crinkled somewhat like a dino kale, with a bluish green color and a purple midrib.  These seedlings will have some variation, so grow them out and share a pic with us!  Can be grown from seed or cutting.  Original cutting grown plants can be sourced from Project Tree Collard


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