Richmond Grows Tree Dino Kale


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Richmond Grows Tree Dino Kale

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Wow!  We were gifted this material from Rebecca of Richmond Grows, an amazing community seed library in Richmond, Ca. You can see more pics and learn more about this tree dino kale here.  The Richmond Grows Tree Dino Collard was a offspring from when a purple tree collard was flowering near a flower dino kale.  They grow similar to tree collards, forming branches as opposed to traditional kale which usually grows in single stalk. The leaves are more dino kale like.  Their taste is somewhere in between kale and tree collards.  They grow for many years like a purple tree collard.  They will flower some years, but continue producing once they are done flowering (or when the flowers are cut back).  Our plants are clones from material we got directly from Rebecca’s yard.

Donate to the work of Richmond Grows via Urban Tilth here

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