Texas Mission Almond (organic)


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Late blooming regular heavy producer of hard shelled nuts. Learn more below

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Texas Mission Almond (organic)

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Common Name

Texas Mission



Botanical Name

Prunus dulcis

Texas Mission Almond aka Mission (Prunus dulcis) is a medium size, hard shell. Kernel is white, short, plump and sweet. Relatively hardy and historically heavy bearer.  Beautiful, profuse white blooms with a pink center.  Semi self-fertile, but does better with pollinizer. Pollinizers: All In One, Hall’s Hardy or Nonpareil or Butte or Padre. Requires 500 hours chilling below 45 degree F.  Mature height is 15-20 feet with a spread of 15-20 feet. Late blooming regular heavy producer of hard shelled nuts.  Good cold tolerance.

  • Nut Category: Mission Type
  • Estimated Chilling Requirement: 500 hours below 45°F 
  • Bloom Timing: 6 days after Nonpareil with Butte and Padre
  • Harvest Timing: 29 days after Nonpareil
  • Approximate Harvest Dates: September 27 to October 12 (approximate for Fresno, CA area)Almond Maturity Chart
  • Shell: hard, well sealed
  • Kernel Size & Shape: small to medium, plump, slightly bitter 
  • Pollination: pollenizer such as Butte or Padre required
  • Tree Characteristics: large, upright and vigorous, easy to train
  • Comments: Also known as Texas Mission. Regular to heavy bearer, knocks moderately well. Tree sensitive to soil salts.
    2020 – Currently sold on Nemaguard. Info provided by https://www.davewilson.com/product-information-commercial/product/mission-almond

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