Covonne’s PJ Wizard Perennial Dino Kale


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Covonne’s PJ Wizard Perennial Dino Kale

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

We found this amazing perennial kale growing under a tree collard in our community garden.  It produces thick dino kale like leaves with a purple spine.  It turns into a small bush after 6 months and produces an abundance of kale very similar to dino kale but a little thicker.  We believe when our tree collards flowered 3 years ago next to a dino kale this seedling popped up from seeds dropped by that dino kale.  This is the closest perennial kale we have found to the leaves of dino kale.  It flowers very lightly and then continues to produce a lot of no fuss dino like kale year round, year after year.  This variety is cloned by cutting by Covonne’s propagation wizards in East Oakland.  Enjoy and share this unique variety with friends, it root easily by the skinny stem cuttings!

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