Litchi Tomato (organic)


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Litchi Tomato (organic)

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(S. sisymbriifolium)

A unique hardy perennial tomato relative.  This spiky plant produces a red berry with uses that vary from chutney to pickles, and even a pseudo cherry pie filling.  It goes by many names, Vila Vila in Latin America, litchi tomato in the U.S and in France, Morelle de Balbis.  Its believed the litchi tomato to be from South America,  Large plants grow to 5’ and are very thorny!. Litchi tomato is frost tolerant down to 25 degrees F (8or -4 degrees C). In very mild climates, litchi tomatoes develop a woody stem and can  overwinter to produce for years to come.  Thanks to Baker Creek for turning us onto this unique plant!  Hardy to 9b

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