Sechuan Pepper (organic)


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Sechuan Pepper (organic)

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 12 in
Latin Name

zanthoxylum simulans

Pot Size

Size At Maturity

Sechuan Peppers deliver the flavors of Indian and Asian cuisine. The shrub is native to eastern China and Taiwan and can grow in the deep shade of a forest as well as in full sun making this an ideal candidate for the forest garden. The plant has extensive medicinal value with all parts of the plant having a specific use. Historically, the bark was widely used for toothache, colic, and rheumatism. A decoction of the root is used in the treatment of snakebites. Thorny branches make this a good barrier plant. Sechuan pepper contains hydroxy-alpha-sanshool, which creates tingling and numbness in the mouth. Flowers are formed on the old wood. The bruised leaves are strongly aromatic. Some sources report the plant as dioecious but we have found lone plants to produce viable seed.

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