Edible Pine Tree Nut Special (Organic)


1 x Gray Pine (Pinus sabiniana), 1 x Himalayan Stone Pine (Pinus roxburghii) , 1 x Italian Stone (Pinus pinea), 1 x Torrey Pine (Pinus torreyana)

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Edible Pine Tree Nut Special (Organic)

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The delicious and nutritious nuts of these species have been enjoyed by many cultures over the millennia. They are also an important wildlife food for many species. Stone Pines are generally fast growing, hardy and long lived evergreen trees. They are highly ornamental in the landscape and prefer a well-drained soil.

You will recieve four plants total, One Gray Pine, one Himalayan Stone Pine, One Italian Stone, and One Torrey Pine.

Gray Pine (Pinus sabiniana) – Also known as Digger Pine these California natives produce huge showy cones that contain many large good flavored nuts that were eaten in quantity by the native peoples and early settlers.

Himalayan Stone Pine (Pinus roxburghii) – Also known as Chir or Imodi pine. Beautiful lacy needles, a buttressed trunk and red-brown thick, fissured bark make this fast growing pine a great ornamental. Productive of tasty edible pine nuts. Also tapped for resin and harvested for timber in it’s native range. Grows 60 to 80 feet tall and is hardy down to about 10 degrees F.

Italian Stone Pine (Pinus pinea) – Classic nut pine of Southern Europe and Turkey they are the source of the pignoli nuts used to make pesto and other traditional dishes. Fast growing trees have a bushy conical shape while young, becoming more umbrella shaped with age. An excellent ornamental.

Torrey pine (Pinus torreyana) – is the rarest pine species in the United States and is an endangered species.  It is endemic to the coastal sage and chapparal ecoregion of California.  It is native to coastal northern San Diego county, and produces a very good, large pine nut that was used by the SoCal natives.  Torrey pine cones take three years to mature and the cones can remain on the tree for five years or so.  The trees are hardy to USDA Zone 8



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