Fremont Cottonwood 3 Plant Special (Organic) (5gal)



3 5-gallon Fremont Cottonwood seedlings.

Populus fremontii is a deciduous tree that has an open habit with thick, broadly spread branches. It may have an upright columnar form that can reach to about 7-90 feet (21-27 meters) in height and 2-3 feet (0.6-0.9 meters) in diameter. The habit can appear oval, roundish, or as an umbrella. Their life span can be more than 130 years.

The sap is sweet and starchy, and it can be eaten raw or cooked. The bark is edible and can be scraped off; in fact, it can be cooked into soup noodles or act as a substitute for flour, which is what some Native Americans and horses relied upon during times of hardship.  The bark can also be used to treat cuts, bruises, burns, abrasions, body odor due to sweating, and can be applied to horses with sores due to chafing. The tree contains the active biochemical ingredients salicin and populin, which are the precursors of aspirin. This was used to treat fevers or act as an anti-inflammatory agent by Native Americans.  Leaf buds can be turned into an ointment and used to treat burns and other skin irritations.  A tree poultice can aid with muscle pain, sprains, and swollen joints. When taken internally the plant may help with indigestion, reduction of fever, act as an anti-inflammatory agent, getting rid of worms and intestinal parasites, and coughs from colds. This plant also acts as a defense against heart problems, scurvy, back pain, urinary tract infections, excessive menstruation, acts as a diuretic, and can be used to help prevent premature birth.  Historically, several Indian tribes used the twigs and roots of this tree to make baskets, and some tribes used the fiber from the inner bark to create clothing or padding for baby cradles.

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Fremont Cottonwood 3 Plant Special (Organic) (5gal)

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 12 in
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Hardiness by USDA Zone


Latin Name

Populus fremontii


wind pollinated

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Soil and Site

Full sun

  • Certified Organic
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