Soil building N2-fixing Tree & Shrub special


1 x Black Locust (Robinia pseudo acacia), 1 x Amorpha Fructose, 1 x Red Alder

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Soil building N2-fixing Tree & Shrub special

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 12 in

This includes 3 plants; One black locust (Robinia pseudo acacia), one amorpha fructose, one red alder
Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) – Fast growing leguminous tree thrives on the poorest of soils. Attractive all year with its abundant showy white bloom, lacy bright green foliage, crisp golden fall color and interesting brown pods dangling in the breeze all winter. This soil-improving tree has remarkably hard rot resistant wood that makes great fence posts or high BTU firewood. Provides an excellent nectar source for bees and casts a light shade allowing for growth of plants below. Don”t plant near tilled areas as damaged roots will sprout suckers. We have planted this tree extensively to stabilize and reclaim our slide prone eroding slope and in seven years have trees twenty feet tall where there had been only sloughing bare subsoil before. Zones 4-9.
Amorpha Fructose – This shrub, which often forms thickets on riverbanks and islands, can be weedy or invasive in the northeast. Another False Indigo (A. herbacea) has whitish to blue-violet flowers in fan-like masses on top of the plant and gray-downy foliage with up to 40 leaflets. The genus name, from the Greek amorphos (formless or deformed), alludes to the fact that the flower, with only a single petal (the banner or standard), is unlike the typical pea flowers of the family.Cold Hardy to USDA Zone 4
Red Alder – 

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