Dwarf Moringa (rare)

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Dwarf Moringa is called the "Miracle Tree" or horseradish tree because leaves, pods, and seeds are edible. Even the roots are edible and taste like horseradish (though some consider the root toxic so do your research before eating the root). The tree can be propagated by cuttings or seed and has very pleasant white flowers. USDA Hardiness zone 9b-11, can be grown in a 15 gallon pot and survive indoors our on a protected patio, also grown an annual in northern climates. This variety is as dwarf variety and is suited for either growing a large container or in the ground for a smaller tree. The dwarf varieties are rare. We sourced our seed from *rareseeds.com click here for the link

USDA Organic

Pot Sized: 4x6 tree band

Plant Size: 5-7inched

Hardiness: needs protection but will survive in 9b-11 (with protection or in a food forest setting to protect from exposure to very cold winter nights. If you want to play it safe then Zone 10-11


**Purchase of this plant pays for one tree to be planted in Southern Madagascar to fight desertification and to build food forests