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Cherry (Prunus spp.)

Everyones favorite! Once you start eating them its hard to stop!

Native to the forests of Germany, these popular fruiting trees are hardy, ornamental and easy to grow. The delicious fruits are great for fresh eating, canning, drying and freezing. Tart pie cherries make the most delicious pies and desserts. Cherry trees grow quickly and usually start bearing in 2 to 3 years. They can grow to 20+ feet tall but can be kept much smaller with pruning. Cherries have a high chilling requirement and may not fruit well in warm winter climates. Most cherries need another cherry for cross pollination with the exception of Lapins and Stella which are self- fertile. We use colt and Mazzard rootstocks. Hardy to Zone 5-9.

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Kordia Cherry (Organic)

This Czechoslovakian variety produces heavy crops of black, firm, large sweet fruit. Grown commercially in the Northwest. Grown commercially in the Northwest. Hardiness zones 4-9. Needs 700-750 chill hours.

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Van Cherry

  • Conventionally Grown
  • 1 Gal. Pot

Heavy, consistent producer of medium-large size, shiny dark reddish-black cherries with great flavor, similar to Bing, but a little smaller. Learn more below

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