Rainbow Sherbert Sugarcane

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We dont know the common name of this variety.  We got it from the produce section at the famed Berkeley Bowl grocery store and was told it was from Mexico. What stands out are the HUGE stalks, with big cane between the nodes. The color is fantastic with green, yellow, purple as melding into one stalk. Striking!

You want it and we got it! Grow your own sugar and ween yourself off that high fructose corn syrup poison! Sugarcane is a beautiful tall grass that can reach over 8 ft tall. It is hardy to zone 8b and can tolerate wet conditions. Once established you can root new plants from mature can stalks to grow your sugar stash! Great addition to a greywater system (as sugarcane will thrive under wet conditions). This plant will set your perennial food forest apart!

The cane can be peeled and eaten or pressed for juice that can be cooked or dried to give you a non white sugar full of minerals. Get off that white stuff and grow your own! Minimum put size is 6" and plant is well established.

USDA Organic

Pot Size: 4x6in tree band

Plant size: 7in ++

USDA Hardiness Zone: 9-11+

***Purchase of this plant/tree pays for one tree to be planted in Southern Madagascar to fight desertification and to build food forests